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Human Health & Insurance

  • Monitor patient health conditions & issue condition-based alerts
  • Assess patient risks and offer personalized care plan recommendations
  • Enable proactive care by identifying trends
  • Detect insurance fraud
  • Predict staff workloads & optimize
work shifts
  • Data accessibility for day-to day revenue, expense, and overall profitability monitoring
  • Modeling to assess and forecast financial risks
  • Profitability analysis and department financial performance management
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tech solutions

Technical Solutions & Services

  • Analyzing and optimizing employee hiring strategies
  • Monitoring and analyzing employee and department performance
  • Optimizing and managing employee retention strategies
  • Analyzing employee experience and satisfaction
  • Plus, some of the same solutions used in the manufacturing, retail & distribution industries
  • Identifying and forecasting sales trends
  • Utilizing pricing analytics to maximize effective pricing strategies
  • Product performance analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking
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Retail & Distribution

From health and insurance to financial and distribution, industry leaders trust Kiranam.

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