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From Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to every cloud-based provider, Kiranam Technologies has you covered. We have over 30 years of experience working and evolving with all the major cloud platforms. We obsess over data—building, managing, optimizing, governing, extending, and migrating.

Leverage our passion for data to empower your business.


Extensive Cloud Platforms, Services & Tools Experience.

  • Amazon Web Services' (AWS) mature core IaaS/PaaS services for scalability, flexibility & reliability
  • Microsoft Azure's extensive tools for robust hybrid capabilities, services and seamless Microsoft integrations
  • Google Cloud Provider's (GCP) flexible, open-source solutions and industry leading AI, machine learning, and analytics tools
  • Other Gartner-recognized cloud service providers
  • All the major database platform players, including Teradata, Snowflake, Azure SQL, and MongoDB to move and optimize your data.
  • Private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud data integration solutions like Informatica, which are critical to Big Data and AI solutions
  • Data streaming platforms, business intelligence and visualization tools (e.g., Kafka, MicroStrategy, PowerBI, Tableau).

From data generation to transformative analytics, we are with you every step of the way.

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